Tuesday, October 5, 2010

*Insert Epic Blog Post Title Here*

I'm running out of names for blog posts. Feel free to name this one in your comments if you want to. I'd be interested to see what people say, actually. XD

And it's not like I have much to say anyway. O_o Besides the Selena Gomez thing. I haven't really looked into it much... but do they really think that will help the game at all? Isn't Wizard101 rated 10+? Maybe I can understand ten, eleven, or even twelve year olds joining a online RPG game juuuust because their favorite pop star is in it... but thirteen and older... I can't imagine that. No offense to thirteen year olds out there who are still obsessed with pop culture. Guess I can understand, since I'm obssesed with Zelda. XD

It's not like Selena Gomez is a bad singer. It's just that Selena Gomez... is like... totally NOT supposed to be in a video/online game. It's not even a cameo, which I think I actually would enjoy.

OOH! OOH! I just thought of something. How about I give you... a PREVIEW OF PART 14? :D I know this doesn't apply to everyone. Still. Then I'm going to go on my OTHER blog and typing up the prologue for my Zelda fan fiction. Once I do, I'll post the link here. I really would like some advice on it. (EDIT: Link is here, don't feel like editing any more than this... XD)
Oh, wait, is Part 13 on the website yet?


Ugh... nope. June 2010 Creative Writing... seriously? Four months without updating? >.<

Anyway... a few things you should know before reading this preview:

-This is officially my Zelda chapter. I used the classic formula of boss-fighting and rescuing. ...And I swear, I REALLY tried to think of another name besides Shadow Beast... but I've used it so many times in my document now I really don't want to change it.

-So... there's, like, six Shadow Beasts in all. I think. Idk, can't remember. I kept changing the number. XD The Shadow Beasts are black creatures, and each seems to either have an indefinite form (like shape-shifting) or they are black versions of animals.

-All of the Seekers were trapped in false versions of their places of awakening, created by dark magic. Right now, Sierra's rescuing Hunter and Mark from their imprisonment, in Hunter's place of awakening.

-Oh, and to rescue everyone... Sierra has to defeat the Shadow Beasts, but regular spells don't seem to work on them. She used a Minotaur to defeat the one in the Castle of Rain, but she doesn't even know Minotaur...

Geez, I'm so bad at summarizing. That's why my stories are so long. O_o

Okay, here's the preview. Enjoy. ;)

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze - Part 14 Preview

The feline creature growled dangerously. I heard a gasp behind it, and I peered over the Shadow Beast to see Mark staring at me with a grim expression and Hunter looking wide-eyed. Both had their hands and feet tied up. How, I had no idea, especially since cats don’t have hands to bind rope with. I had no time to contemplate this, though. The cat pounced at me.

Screaming like the young girl I was, I jumped to the other side of the room. The cat missed me and smacked into the wall, much to my satisfaction.

This room was small. I could walk across it in just four big steps. Since there were no doors, windows, or much of anything in the room except for us, I was trapped.

I remembered casting a Minotaur last time. That had been effective. Only problem? I didn’t know Minotaur, and still wasn't sure how I'd done it.

I reached for my deck and drew the first card off the top. I examined it carefully. “Thermal Shield.” I scowled at the card, as if it were somehow its fault I couldn’t attack with it.

I promptly discarded it and drew four more cards. Without a dueling circle, I wasn’t restricted like I normally would have been, and there were no “turns.” You attacked when you saw a chance. That simple.

This gave me some more spells to work with. I summoned my mana to try and gain pips more rapidly as I did my best to evade the Shadow Beast.

Finally, I spun around and put all my power into casting Ice Wyvern, adding an IceBlade and Ice Trap into the mix for good measure. The Ice Wyvern towered over the Shadow Beast, and I gazed upon it with pride. My creation. My power. My spell.

I expected the kitty to be obliterated into sand at my Wyvern’s roar… but nothing happened.

The Shadow Beast was equally bewildered. Recovering much faster than me, though, it grinned a predatory smile and leaped.

Once more I found myself on my back, staring at the Shadow Beast’s hideous “face.” Do they eat people? I suddenly wondered. When it bared its pitch black teeth I immediately decided I didn’t want to know.

“Sierra!” Hunter cried weakly, and though I couldn’t look around, I could tell he was struggling with the bonds.

“Treasure Cards!” Mark screamed. “Sierra, use Treasure Cards! It’s how we defeated the other one!”

Too desperate to ask what the “other one” was, I grabbed my measly pile of about fifteen cards that passed for a treasure deck.

I drew one card. Pixie. Annoyed at myself for putting in such a useless Treasure Card – didn’t everyone over level ten know that spell? – I tossed it away.

I drew another. Dryad. Dang it, another healing spell. Well, I never had seen a need for attacked treasures when I had plenty of my own spells. Getting more frustrated and terrified by the second, the card joined its useless friend on the floor.

For a third time, I drew a card. I felt like screaming aloud, but I bit it back. Spirit Trap! Why in the Spiral did I put in a Spirit Trap? I didn’t use my Death spells often enough for that!

Just as I was about to pick another card, the not-too-bright Shadow Beast finally realized what I was up to. With its massive paw, it knocked the rest of the deck out of my hand, scattering the cards. Then it took the glowing Jade Oni sword in its mouth and I watched horrified, helpless as it broke it in half. I felt faint. I spent weeks farming the Jade Oni for that sword! The bluish-purple glow faded from it as the Shadow Beast unceremoniously tossed the halves away from me. I pushed back the tears in my eyes – it’s just a sword, I told myself. But all the effort I’d put into getting it, added to the fact that I no longer had a wand… things were looking bad.

The panther-like beast continued glaring at me. I could feel its rank breath on my neck, hear the small growl in the back of its throat, even see the terrible glint of predatory glee in its eyes.

Was this the end?

...Comments? What did you think? I had a lot of fun writing this chapter (yes, it's done, I just need to type it), so I'm wondering if anyone else enjoys reading it as much as I like to write it. ;)


  1. TOA-
    I can't wait to read the rest of it.

  2. Wowz!
    I luv it! Can't wait for more!
    And you're right...KI's slacking off a bit now on creative writing. Or maybe they have a good reason. I don't know. I should probably send them an email...I mean, how long ago did you and I both send in our stories? Right.
    And as for the epic blog post title, I don't know. I'm not feeling very creative at the moment. I'll think about it...