Sunday, October 10, 2010

*screaming dramatically* WHHHHHHHHYYYYY????


(Note: This is a rhetorical question.)

It's because there's a SLIGHT possibility it might SLIGHTLY affect our computer! Grr! I WANT TO SEE CELESTIA! What are the new spells? Can someone tell me where I can find pictures of them? Ugh. THIS IS SO ANNOYING. I want to be level 60. >.<

Our computers are just too darn old. I want to get a laptop. I SHOULD get a laptop. All for myself. That way, not only can I download the test realm, but all those other things that will likely give my computer viruses - Fan DeviantArt... etc.

*sigh* Um, well, I have nothing else to post about. But, hey, PLEASE go check out my other blog? I'm glad I got comments on here... but I want someone to review my story! Even if you don't like Zelda, follow this link! Read it! Tell me what the WRITING is like, if not the plot! Oh, and let me know how the new layout is. I just changed the header and background, and I'm finally trying out the new template thing. If people like it on Medli's Messages, I'll come up with something good for here. ;)

Okay. That's it. Goodnight, readers. Happy whatever-holiday-it-is-tomorrow. :D


  1. neither DA nor can give viruses, but if you really feel like you need to, just send me all the links and i can screen them for you. If you hadn't already guessed, I'm incredibly bored at least 90% of the time, and desperately need something to do >.<

  2. Happy Columbus day! The new spells have been discovered now :D - - Your's is Snow Angel!

  3. @Lucas: DA can has some downloads that can be harmful to your computer, and has advertisements that are bad.

    @Arlen: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want to see the new spells very badly. That's awesome of you. ;)

    Snow Angel looks EPIC! And my sister thinks the Life one looks like Chewy from Star Wars, or something like that... O_o

  4. sorry >.< i was thinking about the actual Fics not the sites

  5. Sierra: First, I just wanted to tell you that I'm a huge fan of your stories! I can't wait until you put out the full Part 14. (Oh, and I just remembered: happy first anniversary! You said that Oct. 16th was the 1-year anniversary of the story, right?) Oh, and by the way, you said you liked Pokemon, didn't you? I love pokemon! It's my favorite game next to this one.

    Second: Ever since I discovered Wizard101 last month, I've been spending most of my free time on it. I made a character named Anna Deathrider. (sooo creative, right?) Lately I started reading some of the stories, and I'd just like to say that from the ones I've read yours is BY FAR the best!

    Third: As I'm sure a million other fans have already asked you to do, if you need another character for your story, could you use mine? She's a necromancer, but her clothes are usually blue and white (my favorite colors).

    And last (If you've even bothered to read this far): You're a great writer. How does it feel to be famous?

  6. @Anna: Hiya! I'm glad you like my writing. I love it when people like you contact me like this, and tell me that you enjoy what I write. It really lets me keep moving on... or I would have given up on The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze a long time ago!

    Actually, October sixteenth isn't my story's anniversary... it's my CHARACTER'S birthday. When I first joined Wizard101. And it's not one year - it's TWO! :) Thanks anyway, though. My story is already one year old, and will be two in January. And yes, I do like Pokemon! I'm not that good at it, though... unless you count when I used my friend's Action Replay... O_o Do you like The Legend of Zelda? Maybe you should go check out my other blog, too - Medli's Messages. It's about video games... mostly Zelda, but some Pokemon too... a little... okay not THAT much...

    Anna DeathRider isn't exactly uncreative, though. XD It's not like the game allows much creativity for names.

    I... don't think I can use your character. Part fourteen technically is finished, I just have to complete typing and editing it... so I can't add you there. And Part 15? Well, that's the LAST PART IN THE WHOLE SERIES! I can't introduce anymore characters this late in the story. Except one... but she asked me earlier. Plus, it seems like EVERYONE who wants to be in my story is DEATH. I'm sooooo sorry I can't add you. There are so many people who ask me about this, and I hate having to say no...

    How does it feel to be famous? Ummm.... I can't really say I'm famous, hehe. I wish. But I guess it feels really good to know that I'm liked by fans like you. :D

  7. No way you like Zelda and pokemon to? Those are like my favorite things to do (besides w101 and read your stories)! I was actually inspired by you and made my own fan fiction, it's called the deadly dueling circle series. The name of the forum is in stories and poetry, and it is called A new fan fiction, it has all the parts I've finished. Keep up the awesome work with Sierra, and I hope I could meet you in game.

    P.S. The author was maxitola2009