Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm still here! (Kind of)

My. Days. Are. SO. Busy.

And I still haven't sent in Part 13.

Oh, hey, I'm going go do that now. ...Or at least after I finish this blog post.

Anyway. Um. Yeah. So. ...I'm soooooo tired everyday now. The reason I used to be able to post before was because I used to take an online class in the morning, and then after I finished my work and such I'd come here on the blog and type away. But nooooo. Not anymore. I just had to get a NORMAL class in the morning. O.o No online stuffs for me this year. Not to mention Swim Team. Oh, man, it's SO tiring. I'm ready to DIE after one of those practices. And they're every night. EVERY. NIGHT. Except weekends, of course, lol. But, still...

...*sigh* I just don't have time for upbeat randomness anymore...

I hope you can forgive me. How about I promise you... at least once a week? Well, Idk what I'll blog about, 'specially since I don't play Wizard101 much anymore and now I have two other stories rivaling The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze's writing time - one Zelda fanfic and one story that I totally made up on my own... isn't that called an OC? Except I have NO CLUE what OC stands for. XD I thought it might mean original... something or other... -.-

Well, that's all I got. I had an epic preview of Part 14, but you'll have to suffer just a biiiiiiit more until I remember to send in Part 13. XD Not that you're really suffering. I'm sure all your lives are moving on juuuust fine without me blabbering on about stuff no one even cares about on a blog, lolz.


  1. Grrrrr... Me wants preview. And you've got it EASY! I'm writing... (Counts fingers) 10 different stories. Not kidding. And I've got irl stuffs too.. No excuses! XD
    It's okay, really. Bright side: more time you take, better it will be. :)

  2. OC Means other category.. When did YOU become an author O.o

  3. means Original Content :P

    I only know that cause of a certain image board i frequent which i can't tell you about cause it breaks rules 1 & 2 of the entire internet :O
    (theres so little OC that it had a name invented for it XD)
    [ i miss writing long comments like that ;) ]