Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from a level 54 Thaumaturge!

Okay, I haven't posted in forever... but Christmas seemed like a good place to begin again.

First off, this time the reason I haven't been posting isn't because of Zelda. ...Okay, it KIND OF is. But I've ACTUALLY been playing Wizard101 now! I'm level 54! :D

...Unfortunately, I don't HAVE any pictures of me at level 54. -.- It's all because I JUST turned 54. I'm just surprised I'm leveling so quickly - and yes, this is QUICKLY for me. Remember? Year to Grandmaster? Yeah. I'm determined to make it UNDER a year for Legendary, though! :D

Um, I have NO MORE time... it's really late. It actually won't be Christmas for much longer. XD

So good night. I'll make a longer post tomorrow... or the next day... or something. O_o

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