Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Post of 2010...

I've really been neglecting this blog. You see... everything that was once reserved for Wizard101 now has Zelda to compete with... and LoZ typically wins. Even with fan fiction. The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze isn't my only story anymore. I've been working on The Blade of Evil's Bane more than anything.

But... Zelda and TToSW aren't the topic of this post. This post is just here to say... Happy New Year!

Okay, I understand it's probably already 2011 where most of you live - I'm pretty sure only Hawaii and Alaska have an earlier time zone than me in the States and Canada. But where I live, it's 11:38pm. Still time for a final 2010 post...



Um, hopefully, like, tomorrowor something, I'll give you updates on Sierra (because you obviously cared so much last post from ebullient comments I received - btw, that's SARCASM; just look at the amount of comments last post, lolz!) and, of course, Part 15 of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. I know I expressed my dream of it being completed before the new year... but that didn't happen. At least I can PROMISE to finish it before it's next birthday.

...OMG! That's RIGHT! TToSW is now two years old! *gasp* Yeah, so how many of you have followed it that long, huh? Huh?

...I thought there wouldn't be anyone... XD

Well, my DSi - yes, I typed this WHOLE THING on a DS - is just about out of characters and memory. So good night, and once more -



  1. your in the middle of the states it seems, :P I'm on the west coast, and therefore are an hour behind you :P

  2. Hey Sierra! I wanted to ask if you could include me in your stories? I'm writing my own called the Fireheart Locket Chronicles, but I think it's denied. So could you? Include me in your stories I mean. Oh and what grade are you in? I'm in fourth grade. I'm a GATE student. My birthday's not until May, so you can guess my age. So please, I'm begging, praying,screaming (not exactly lolz) that you could put me in your stories? Thanks!
    Angel Fireheart

  3. hello.happy 2011.i just made a blog, winterfinders way, could you look at it?