Thursday, March 24, 2011

OOOH! Creative Writing Section update!!!!

...I really don't usually make two posts a day, but I had to. HAD. TO. Because this was too exciting to add to another post.

Wow. I get easily excited, don't I?

Anyway, the Creative Writing section... is alive! ...No, they haven't posted new stories. No, they haven't really changed anything... except now they have a message for us! (Find it here)

"We are working on a whole new way to display our very popular Fan Fiction,
however until we make the transition, our Fan Fiction section only serves as an

YAY! At least they've finally changed something!

However... this now sounds eerily similar to the LAST time they decided the give the Creative Writing section a "new look". They added that submission form thing - the one that Part 11 was too large for, and that Part 12 would probably have to be split into fifths for. XD Well, we'll just have to wait and see what they do with it. I just hope Parts 13 and 14 can finally be added!

Remember to read the post beneath this too! :)

Happy Late Birthday, Row Row~!

Hahaha. That squiggle next to Row Row was a typo, but then I decided I liked it. :D Squiggles are epic~!

So. On the twenty-first of March, Rowan WillowLeaf, my sister and the seemingly inactive alternate contributor to this blog, turned (insert age here) years old! Congratulations! XD

Meh. No new news. (heheh... new news...) I haven't been on W101 lately - I intend to by the end of the evening, though. I'm starting to miss it. :P

Oh, and I guess I'm going to go ahead and reveal something about my story. Well... not about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze directly. Sorry, I don't even have enough typed for a preview yet, and... I'm holding a dog in my lap right now so it's hard to type... (don't ask)

But I'm writing a series called Seeker Secrets. It started as for fun - a story in Sydney's point of view about her life before she met Sierra. And now... I decided to do one for every Seeker. I did Victoria and Mark's stories, too. I'm working on Hunter's... but his is hard 'cuz he's such a minor character...

Anyway. Does this sound interesting to you guys? Would you read it? I might post Sydney's here or on Central if people like the idea...!

So, yeah. That's all I got for now.

See ya later people! Happy Thursday! (srsly, why did I post on a Thursday? It's so random, compared to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... XD)

Friday, March 18, 2011


That sniff means two things.

One, I'm sick. O_o REALLY sick. Ugh. In fact, I'm all lonely right now at home trying to complete some homework while my sister is at Sydney's house playing video games! Dang it! That homework is another reason to be sad - I have a D in language arts. LANGUAGE. ARTS! As in... ENGLISH! I've wrote a 250 page story! Why do I always do so poorly in my language arts classes? XD The first B I ever got was also in a reading class... sixth grade, I remember that...

Two, I FEEL SO UNLOVED! No one is commenting! -.- I guess it's PARTIALLY my fault, considering I haven't posted often, but still. That just means it gave you more time, more of a chance to comment on the last post. But I got only ONE response.

Well, whatever. Um... I gtg back to my homework. We're supposed to write these journal things; they will ultimately form an autobiography. But I haven't been keeping track of them. Now I have about thirty of them to write, and the WHOLE autobiography is due Monday. The one I'm stuck on now is about learning a new skill. You're supposed to describe, um... learning a new skill. XD The examples were riding a bike, skateboarding, skiing, etc. The problem is that I learned all those things FOREVER ago (except skiing - I've never skied. I've ice skated, I've slid down a snowy hill on a board, but never skied. Weird, huh?) and don't remember them.

Oooh... I'm so stressed...

No time for writing fan fiction. Sorry. :(

Trust me, I'd rather be writing fiction instead of this stupid stuff about ourselves. I won't CARE in the future what kinds of music I liked or my amazing accomplishments. O_o I mean... if it really mattered to you, wouldn't you REMEMBER that stuff?

Just saying!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Invisible Ninjas!


New Skyward Sword trailer!

...Yeah, not what you were probably hoping for... but whatever... I just CAN'T wait for the next Zelda game... :P

Anyway. I don't really have time to write a full post - mostly since I have homework, lolz, and haven't been on Wizard101 lately anyway - but I'll give you a YouTube video! XD

I'm in it! If you don't feel like watching the rest of it, skip to around 4:05. Rowan comes in there. Rowan has more parts than me so far, lolz. My only line is "AH!" xD And I said it late, anyway.

Oh... yeah. So Avalanche on Central approached me and asked if I wanted to be in this, and I said yes. :D

You know, that's part 3... you might want to watch the other two parts before that... O_o

Part 1

Part 2

Yeah. :D

But I'm not in those ones, lol. Still. Give him some views, why don't you? ;)

Anyway... Part 15... ugh... SO HARD...

And trust me - I'm reminded every day now. Hunter ThunderShield finally read my story (in fact, he did a book report on it - I felt so honored! :D) and now he bugs me EVERY day for a new chapter! Well, whatever... I write, like, two paragraphs a day... slowly but surely, it's coming along!

Now, for that homework. 'Night, wizards!