Friday, July 2, 2010

I was SO CLOSE...

First off: Thanks for the comments, guys! I got FOUR on my last post! Considering the fact that I don't visit this blog very often anymore, that's almost a new record! XD

Second: I STILL hate my DSi's internet. And yet I'm STILL using it, even as I write this post.

Third: This likely will be cut short due to the character limit on my DSi, like the last post (lol, I didn't even have room to explain that story about Rowan. If you didn't get it, she had to leave matches because of glitches, therefore bringing her rank down. But she's won every match that she's been able to enter.)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The REAL point of this post!!!

It's mostly... about Seth GoldenBlood. Who is he? An absolutely AMAZING friend irl and on W101. Guess what? He is who introduced me to the game in the first place! *gasp* And he likes Zelda! *double gasp* And he's in TToSW! *triple gasp... even though most people knew that, already*

However, this is about what I did at his HOUSE... when I went over there a few days ago.

Idk if I've mentioned this before, but I can't download the test realm. My family is worried it will damage our computer. But... Seth can.

So, since I was the only one he knew irl that had completed DS, HE LET ME USE THE TEST REALM TO GET TO CELESTIA!

It was awesome! Plus, with the free Crowns you receive, I bought three things: One, the Ice house. Two, the GH house (which I never even ended up looking at xD). Three... WINGS!

They were so pretty. They even matched my outfit! If only I could return my broom. I'd trade them for wings any day!


Oh, um, back to Celestia. Here's where the title comes in.


I was almost there! ...Maybe! I was fighting Shadow Weavers and various bosses. I found this funny bug with my Frost Giant, too. It gave them four stun shields, and didn't even stun them. O_o

I had to leave before I could make it. :(

...I'll never forget my beautiful wings... XD


  1. It's just the prequests that are out, NOT Celestia. (I had to explain this on the test realm at least 5 times every time I logged on.)

  2. Blaze ThunderBreezeOctober 20, 2010 at 3:36 PM

    Well hi seirra i was watching story's about wizard101 a few days ago then i saw your story! I started reading it well then... i read the whole thing! i got hooked to it :D i am a ice wizard right and i can probely be in you next story as your cousin or something hmmmmm.