Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to Canada (again!)

Sigh... You'll have to say bye-bye to my blogging for the rest of July. And the beginning of August. Why? I'M OFF TO CANADA, WOO! To see relatives. ;)

They have a computer... but I doubt I'll be using it much. I hope I'll get some inspiration for Part 14 up there... I'm so dang stuck, and my typing is starting to catch up to my notebook (if that made sense, because it's a looong story if I didn't mention it in other posts XD).

I guess it doesn't matter much anyway. I'm not constantly blogging anymore...


Bye bye. Can't answer comments today - I'm in such a hurry, and SO stressed. I have too much to do.

Ugh, I hope Celestia doesn't come out while I'm gone... >.<

Oh, hey... I just realized this is my hundreth post! Yipee... yeah... too bad it has such bad news...

Enjoy your summer, everyone! :D


  1. Is it just you that's going, or is Rowan going too? Both gone for a month... ooh during that time you had BOTH BETTER BE ON CENTRAL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!
    Well, I'm also going on vacation... kinda. It's a trek. While wearing a STUPID skirt. On the middle of nowhere. ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!


    Well, I didn't come here to rant. I came here to wish you well, tell you to be on Central sometimes; and to give you advice about writers block. I once hadwriters block while writing Mage and Wizard. I couldn't come up with a title, plot, or characters. So what did I do? I kept writing. It took a little whole, like a half hour, but soon I had the thing I lacked before. Also, recall your experience and take note of your surroundings and enhance them. Look to books for ideas. Those are some ways to get some ideas. Before you know it, you're out of block and have a successful story! I had writers block for Part 4, and now look how THAT turned out!

    So there you has it.

    --Destiny S.