Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, what the heck. I'll just post...

Not that I have anything to say, lolz. But this poor blog needed updating.

I guess I DO have stuff to talk about... I have been on W101 lately... :) However, anything I post currently will lack screenshots. Gosh, this DSi is SO annoying...First off - Rowan is AMAZING at Pet Derby! She's won over twenty times - and never lost. She's a Veteran!

But that's the PROBLEM, you see. Row Row should be MORE.

She met a girl with, what, 17 first places? Oh, and five second places, three third, one last - or SOMETHING like that. Really, she showed me only briefly, and I'm still getting used to this pet stuffs...

Anyway, the girl was a Veteran. Even though Rowan had way more wins AND no losses, she was the same rank.

Why is that?

Glad you asked, because this whole pet ranking story has been leading up to what I REALLY want to discuss.


And boy, are there SO many of them, now! I'd love to show you screenshots of some of the funniest - and most annoying - bugs and glitches we've encountered... within the past month alone.

I really don't like the new update. It has caused endless frustration for my whole family. Suddenly, our computers are slower. Coincidence, perhaps? Then how do you explain the SERIOUSLY weird glitch that happened to my sister TWICE,causing her to be "stuck outside of the inside of a building," with black, glitchy parts covering the screen?

Now, I know glitches. I've done some good glitches in my Zelda games before (like making a postman disappear - lol, totally my favorite!). In fact, the glitch Rowan encountered really reminded me of one in Twilight Princess. The same black pieces were in the way, because the character had glitched up. And if you touched ANY buttons at all... your game would freeze, and you would need to restart (I found out the hard way xD).

Now, my character limit is running low, so let me sum this up: I really dislike what Wizard101 has become. It use to be a game I'd play, but now... it's a burden.


  1. Yellow, black, and blue appear at random places when I'm in Wizard City, and when anyone uses a spell with a sword, the sword is white.

  2. lol that really seems strange. If you have the time I would be honored to meet with you in-game.

  3. Well, you finally posted. Yay!

    I encountered glitches too, maybe not that extreme, but like, giant yellow blue spotted things in the commons. And giant black things in Ravenwood. Weird.

    But I wouldn't call it a burden. Especially since I just got to DS.

    But, idk. Its your opinion.


  4. Tara ShadowwhisperJuly 2, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    I agree with u. Wizard 101 was lots of fun when i was like, level 16 and then tasks became work. Now the pets are too big and the quests i get in DragonSpyre are absurd, like the Obsidian chests. But, i'm still determined to defeat Malistaire and get to level 50 no matter what.