Monday, August 29, 2011


I finally did the very thing I'd promised ever since January 2009 - ever since I began writing The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze...


I wrote "The End" in my notebook!

Part 15 is DONE!!!!

The only problem is now I have to type it... and then edit it... and that might take awhile, since the only time I have is weekends now for computer. (Except today... today's an exception. I finished it, and I was SO excited, I just HAD to let you know...)

Now... I have to go do homework. Sorry. BUT ISN'T THIS EPIC?!? (And hey, I also found out the Skyward Sword box art today, and even discovered I'm going to be paying 20 more bucks than I thought for the game! Yay!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fine, you win.

Okay, I posted The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on You convinced me. Out of the 29 people who voted on the poll, only three said that I shouldn't, and two of them didn't even bother explaining why. Also, six people said they'd read and review my story... so I'll be expecting six reviews on the first chapter! :P Seven, as a matter of fact, since I also put this profile on my account, and three people voted there said yes, one of them claiming they would read it.

You can still review even if you don't have an account, you know. Please do so...

...So CLICK HERE for the link. Yay! (And while you're there, read my Zelda story too, okay? Maybe? :P)

Part 15: Almost. Done. I swear. I wrote more on vacation (which I'm back from, by the way XD). I actually just got to the good part! I just have one somewhat random question. ...I hesitate to ask it, because... well... it COULD be a spoiler...

...Well, I'll just say it. Should someone die at the end of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze?

...Yeah, I know. Weird question. But, seriously! Think about it! That would add the perfect amount of drama and seriousness. I've actually been planning to kill someone off the whole series . At first it was Liam, but now I think how OBVIOUS and expected that would be, so I'm not sure. Then I considered a few other characters dying... but I'm not going to tell you who - I want it to be a surprise.

Anyway, just tell me your thoughts. And yay, I'm happy to be back from Canada! :D

RANDOM: Okay, I spent the last few minutes trying to get this post to publish on the other computer. Finally giving up, I went on this one, and it published on my first try. What the heck????