Friday, June 5, 2009

A really odd glitch in Wizard101

I think I told all you about me being Windlilly on Central. Well, I have this amazing album loaded up with glitches that I found on Wizard101. You have GOT to see this one! In some ways, I hope it isn't fixed, and in others I hope is is.

Golems in House

Discovered by Rowan Willowleaf

Rowan when she teleported to her house one normal day in Unicorn Way.

So then her house fixes itself, but the golems remain, and her furniture is gone.

Okay, so then she looks at her furniture and exclaims "This is not mine!" She took out picture frames that she had never seen (one is behind her chat box, if you look carefully).

Next she teleported to her room again, and found herself stuck in a desk.
LOL, loved it!
If you want to see more amazing glitches, go to my Wizard101 Central Album at


  1. Thoes were funny! That happened to me once, but it turned out I was in someone elses house, not mine.
    I have a question about one of the seekers, Victoria Ravensmith.
    Is she really an Ice Wizard? Or do I just know one with the same name who is Ice?
    Emma Dawnrider/Level 15/ Journyman Diviner

  2. Hi! I'm Sean EmeraldWeaver. My blog is and those puppits are placeholders for when it is loading. Just sos ya know,
    Sean Emeraldweaver (level 43 myth magician)

  3. Okay Sean, then how do you Rowan's furniture? She had items that didn't belong to her. At least THAT must have been a glitch.

    And Emma, yes, she is Ice. She was Storm, but for some reason that I didn't understand she said she couldn't become a subscriber on her Storm account. So she made a new one, took the quiz again, and turned out to be Ice.

  4. This has happened to me! My walls were green and i had a fire plaque though! I didnt have a fire plaque before but i had a death plaque!

  5. Haha, that's so funny! I bet Rowan was thinking "Wait a second, this isn't my house.."

    -Alyssa again =P

  6. allysa, that's what i thought when it happened to me! (actually, i talk to myself a lot, so i said it aloud)

  7. It happened to you too? =O You guys are so lucky.. I want a evil invasion of wooden puppets in my house too! =P

  8. wow that is so cool i have never seen that before! btw you are awesome!

  9. This not very shocking as Kingsisle does have glitches in Wizard101. I have veteran experience in this game as I have mastered it and I am still trying to learn more. I learned that Kingsisle does not fix a glitch until it is reported by a player in the game. Now yes, golems do represent one of your housing items when they are loading but, as I joined the game not too long ago I haven't experienced such a thing. Therefore, I would say it is possible in the old wizard101 but impossible in the new game.

    ~Joseph Shadowflame Legendary Pyromancer Lvl 63

  10. Actually sean is right. Golems used to be the loading idol. Same with the pink room. Now for the items you didnt have before, I dont know. Maybe drops?