Monday, June 15, 2009

New 18+ Chat Filter

As an avid reader of the message boards, I've seen plenty of topics there where older players complain that they cannot speak the way they want to. On June 10th (which I didn't notice, lol sry) they announced that a new chat would be added.

Look at the Ravenwood News here for more information:


  1. You may of seen my comment before but whatever. Will you put more pictures up? You see, i'm making a scrap book about Wizard101. And since your quiet popular, I thought I'd put you in it. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it would be cool.
    Emma Dawnrider/level 15/Journeyman Diviner

  2. I guess I could put up some pictures of my character... in fact, I could put up pictures of almost all the Seekers. Is that what you meant?

  3. Hey, Sierra! I can't wait to be eighteen now! To bad that that won't be for six years! :(

  4. So... you're TWELVE?!? No way!!!

    Um, nvm. There's a reason that's amazing to me, but I guess I shouldn't say it. ROFL.

    1. Is it because you are (were) twelve?

  5. Okay??? And, yes, I am 12.

  6. Oh! Actually it will be under six years because i had to lie about my age on there to get text chat!