Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze

Hello out there! I'm hoping that someone who has read my story will comment on this. This is Sierra Winterbreeze, the author of The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze! Yep, I love writing, and I hope some of you out there love reading. You can find me on various websites, like Runescape (I'm Fairy Bolt!), YouTube (TwilightWakerofTime), Adventure Quest/Dragonfable/AQ Worlds (though I don't play them much anymore, I was Windlilly on all except Adventure Quest, which was tallflower), and many others. Just ask me if I play it, and I'll most likely say yes! As long as it is one of those websites with the games.

And of course I play Wizard101. I'm quite active on the message boards there as Windlilly, Journeyman Wizard. I have approximately 200 messages at the moment posted there. My favorite topic, of course, is "WHOEVER WROTE 'The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze' plz post?" I have so many fans! I am going to post updates here, mostly about that story but about other things too, that I think my fans should know. I will also do my best to keep updates about what's going on in Wizard101. Also related to the topic of Wizard101, I am Windlilly on Wizard101 Central.

Thanks for reading! Please follow this if you have read my story, or if you at least like Wizard101.


  1. OMG! i can't believe you play adventure quest, dragonfable, AND mechquest...AND AQWORLDS!!!!!! i play them too..well except little brother does though :) his name is ripblood123 and level 70. (he told me to write this down o-o) lol..oh and this post seems should tell people on ur main one to comment on here too. oh yeah and in those artix company series my names are: mechquest, kyle; dragonfable, Sarah; adventurequest, Tanya; and aqworlds, Master Galbatorix! (yep i love eragon)

    i like pokemon too but i can't watch it much anymore because people call me lame and stuff :( i dunt really play zelda games.. i mostly just like dragon games and guitar games like How to raise a dragon and SuperCrazyGuitarMan 1,2, and 3! lol..but my favorite daily thing i play is can find it all on

    i actually USED to play runescape but when i was in the tutorial i got so frustrated when i couldnt make some dumb bread! lol..shows my nature of a pyromancer. Wich i can make a youtube but my sis would maim me. she got so pissed when i made a facebook lol! but check out my friend Pauline on youtube. Shes no she doesn't really know you but she makes great anime music videos! her account name is: xX_Chikori_Xx ...i think.

    Well i think this is getting long but im bored...its a friday. and i have some questions if thats okay with you?

    1. When someone posts a comment do you check them or someone else?

    2. Im (i dunt really care i just want to get to know you better!)

    3. Are you like in highschool or middleschool? (sorry if i sound like really stalker-ish now but it just makes me awkward if im talking to someone older or younger than me)

    Well, thats all and if this thing doesnt get put on thats okay..i understand if you feel like majorly stalkered right now (is stalkered a word???) Bye..and have a great day! ...or night...or afternoon...or evening...agh nvm! :)


  2. whoo! i wrote a lot down! i thought it was probably not gonna be put up cuz stalkerrz.
    yeah..well i havent visited in a long time, gotta still write this essay but whatevs xD

    I'm sort of bummed out rite now though of too things:

    1)Da Mounts on Wizard101! OVERPRICED! my membership is gone so i cant really go anywhere to get gold so im really pissed sorry if i sound spoiled

    2)MY OLDER SISTER! DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! she caught me just a few minutes ago lookin around and knew it was fantasy game blog thingy so she got all pissed and stuff and said to stop writing my stories and read some non fiction books and make my own diary!
    o.o life is hard..but i still luv that munchkin! xD

    oh wait there is a third thing too..

    3)my i really regret them now. before i started you inspired me so much! But i wanted a much much darker version cuz i like bein evil in most games >:) now they seem so babyish and too "trying to act coolish". realizing my mistake in the first series that i finished WAY TOO EARLY! ive decided to make things more funnier for the second series soon to come out: "The Crusader's Son"...again regretting the title. Well, that proves that i should think more like you sierra! i am sort of jealous of u rite now cuz of all ur fans but look at my little greedy mouth! I realized i just wanted fans all along xsighx :( but NOW im just doing it for fun! F IS FOR FRIENDS WHO DO STUFF TOGETHER U IS FOR YOU AND ME! N IS FOR..FOR..FORGOT!!! yeah that was sort of awkward..

    wow im really gettin bored and over-typin on this..ok bye...i guess

    PS: pleez dunt think im weird and all emotionel and stuff..well i am weird but whatevur... :)

  3. I love this story so far you know whats kinda funny i like pokemon aqworlds to and RUNESCAPE but nothing can ever beat wizard101 i am ice my name is blaze thunderBREEZE :D