Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Tips to Survive Wizard101

Okay, so in my free time (which lately I seem to have a lot of!) I put together this list of things I really wish I had known throughout the game. I hope some of them make you laugh!

1. AND REMEMBER, THIS IS #1 FOR A REASON! Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, press 'H' on the map in an Instanced Zone. Especially if all you're supposed to do is sit there and do absolutely nothing while waiting for a friend to return with potions and full health and you're soooo bored that you have nothing better to do... I learned the hard way.

2. Don't ever say "MILK" around Rowan Willowleaf... or Spike the Crusher, for that matter.

3. When in doubt, ask a Grandmaster friend. If you don't have any, get some! NOW!

4. Don't try Sunken City alone until you're at LEAST Journeyman... though being Adept, possibly even Magus, is better. By the way, the sidewalks in Sunken City aren't broken. They're supposed to drag you off.

5. So, once you've beaten Sunken City, you probably think you're ready for the next side-quest challenge, right? WRONG! Don't ever, EVER, try Kensington Park. Ever! Not even as a Grandmaster, unless you want to spend hours there, and die probably 12 times. My buddy Victoria RavenSmith, A.K.A. Storm Seeker of Light, is officially Grandmaster. She's also beat every quest in the entire game except for Kensington. See my point?


7. You can't say Seeker of Wizard101... you have to say Seek Err. And you can't say Featured Writer either, which I find rather frustrating, being a Featured Writer.

8. Hmmm.... uh, if you ever see anyone named Liam GriffinBane, a balance student, please tell me. I want to yell at him so badly for completely ditching Rowan and me when we were only simple Adepts.

9. Knocking over the milk cartons in Big Ben is bad, unless you want an extra battle. Then again, you get the badge "Crusher Crusher" for beating the enemy, Spike the Crusher. It was hard though. However, I got it at a low level, curtesy of Liam GriffinBane! I miss him. And I miss Mark. And I wish Christopher wasn't so annoying that I wish I could miss him instead of see him everyday.

10. Err, can't think of a ten. Hey look, behind you! HAHA! Made you look! Jk.

So, that's my first ever list. I enjoyed making this, so I think that I'm going to do this weekly... or maybe monthly... or annually... or whenever I have time. Next list I'm going to make is things not to say to Rowan Willowleaf, my crazy sister. One of them was listed on number two. That would be number one on the other list.

Some of you may wonder what number one was about. Okay, never mind. You probably don't. But I'll just say that it was my own personal experience with Liam as an Adept in one of the Counterweights in Marleybone.


  1. Hey this is megawizard. I figured that i might as well read all of these since i dont have anything better to do! On the game earlier today i saw a person that was not obeying number six! and if i run into Rowan, I will not follow number 2! I think that i did see liam when i first started but never added him. what i put on the URL, if you can see it, is just a joke!

  2. Haha! Very good advice =) I have some friends that you also never want to say #2 to. They hate milk with a burning passion, so if you say the word it's like they have a crazy rampage =P (ok, maybe that was a little bit of an exageration..) but they do hate milk =P
    And also, is "Sunken City" in Krokotopia, or the Death School area? Heh just curious, because I'm only level three at the moment on my new main character (I decided I'd rather be Ice like you) so it will probably be four more lifetimes before I reach the required level =P (I kind of level up slow.. =P)

  3. Sunken City is an instance that is in Nightside. Nightside is the place with the death school, tower, and tree. If we met in-game I could take you there because I have it marked! Well, I can take you to nightside but only subscribers can go into sunken city! :(

  4. cool advise a yea i remeber dueling a liam girffan bane some time he was my friend but i deleated him cause he was like my only friend who was not a grandmaster he might be now thogh any way i kwne him :)

    Jessica grandmaster death

  5. Nightside sounds really cool, Mega! =D The only problem though is that I can't log into Wizard 101 right now with the virus, and I'm also not a subscriber so I'm not sure if it would let me in or not.

    This is Alyssa by the way. I can't go on my blog thing right now, so until my computer gets fixed I'll have to go by Anonymous =P.

  6. Well, allysa, yes actually non-subscribers can teleport to subscribers in Nightside, Nightshade's Tower, and Sapphyra's Tower. I just got a subscription a few days ago after I posted that.