Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am a terrible person.

WARNING: This post is whiny, rambling, pointless, and will probably annoy the heck out of all of you with my self-pity... so yeah, um... I'm still writing the sequel and Part 15. That's the bottom line. All you need to know. There's absolutely nothing informative in here, so go ahead. Move along! More posts coming soon. Come back next time! :P


...Um, I'm sorry.

April... wasn't that the last time I posted something? Freaking APRIL. It's mainly because, at least from my perspective, I've FINISHED The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. I'm so eager to be done with it at long last and go back to rewriting my Zelda fanfiction twenty plus times because I hate every version of chapter six (or was it seven? ...whatever).

Ugh, and then, every time I keep considering posting here... I just get so scared and nervous, because I KNOW I've been awful toward everyone and I know no one cares about my stories anymore BECAUSE I've been such a stupid jerk, and I feel so dang GUILTY!

I'm, like, really, really sorry. But to be honest, what I said in my comment on Rowan's post was true. I really did have a post planned in May. It has a list of all the contest winners (GODS DANGIT THAT WAS A STUPID IDEA, WHY DID I EVEN GO WITH, UGH NOW I FEEL HORRIBLE 'CUZ EVERYONE DID ALL THAT WORK AND UGGGH) and information on what I had planned for the sequel.

...Hey, would you guys hate me if I said there wasn't going to be a sequel?

...Yeah, I thought so.

Um, okay, I think I'll still write it, but I just have no idea how to begin. And my current story just has plot holes all over the place I HATE the plot. Did anyone else notice that Sierra's a complete IDIOT? Like, seriously, Sierra? This is what she's like:

"Oh, no. I mean, sure, Rowan is my sister (and siblings are usually Seekers), and she can see the Key (which only Seekers can see), and maybe we DO need a Life Seeker (and she's conveniently Life) and yeah, Liam asks why we came to save her if we weren't looking for the Life Seeker (which doesn't imply that she's one at all), and, okay, I guess her spell DID go a little weird (because of dark magic)... but I'm totally sure it's Scarlet, guys. Nope. Not Rowan at all."


...It's my fault. I love dramatic irony TO DEATH. That's when the readers know something the characters don't. All my favorite stories have dramatic irony. So I was trying to shove it in there by making it REALLY obvious that Rowan was the Life Seeker so the readers could draw that conclusion... but the problem lay in the fact that Sierra hadn't quite figured it out either, and she should be just as smart as the readers. Really. She had just as much information as you... why couldn't she get it?

...Sorry. XD

Yes, there will be a sequel. I can't deny promises. I can't. I'm annoyed at my own personal vow that I'll never go back on a promise. I really hate when authors do that, you know. So I won't do it to you, despite how few of you there are left.

I think I'll publish that post within the next few days (which you might as well translate into months knowing me). It's half written already. If you contest entrants are still out there... Can you comment? I want to know if anyone's still interested, haha. I LOVED the fanart sooooo much. I just showed Sydney the other day – and you know what? That reminds me. She wrote a Seeker-based Christmas story! Oh, and she made her own blog! ...I'm going to post again after this, I suppose.

Whoa, hey, it just hit midnight. So maybe this post will be on one day, and I can put Sydney's story on the next. Heheh. :P

So, yes. I'll finish up Part 15 here soon. For those of you who aren't aware, I completed it, and it was up here for a bit, but I hated it so much that I took it down for editing.

Does anyone want it right now? Give me an e-mail address and I'll send it to you. You can edit it for me. Go ahead.

Otherwise... I'll get to that as soon as possible. I have to beta read someone's Zelda story first, and Sydney and I are writing a Zelda/Pokémon crossover, so it might be a bit. Oh, come to think of it, my stupid Skyward Sword story has been difficult since BEFORE I posted Part 15. So really I SHOULD work on that first... I feel bad about that story too... but at least on there I can say I've been trying. I really haven't been paying much attention to TToSW at all lately.

You know what even convinced me to come back here, aside from Sydney's Christmas story? A thread on my new favorite website (since Central kind of died when all my friends left... except Peepsie, you're awesome), Zelda Dungeon. It's called... "What is Your Greatest Achievement?" And I actually put TToSW. Because it really is...

...Some day, I want to rewrite the whole thing. Not simply edit it, like I did on Wizard101 Central... but actually rewrite it. First of all, I would want to emphasize WHY the Seekers are Seekers, because at the moment they're just a group of random kids who apparently are supposed to save the Spiral or something like that. Just 'cuz. You know. I want to give them special powers or something that prove that they're Seekers. Also, I need to make the awakenings something... more significant. Because right now, honestly, the only reason there were even awakenings was to tell the new Seeker who they were and to inform Sierra of who the next one was. It needs to be something, like... where all of their powers are suddenly revealed or something. It just doesn't make sense right now. And I sooo cleverly avoided explaining WHY the Spiral Guardians couldn't tell Sierra ALL the Seekers' names. It's just silly.

I'm really sorry, guys. I've been rambling a lot... and I've been writing this post for almost an hour now.

Whoa. I just looked back up there. Eeeek. Whininess and ranting galore... Sorry for torturing you all like that. XD

Look. More posts to come in the future. This post... is kind of just for me, all right? I really hope I'm not wasting your time with this. This helped me kind of get my thoughts on track, even though it probably doesn't seem very coherent to any of you. I'm determined now. I'm going to look at Part 15... TOMORROW. ...IF I finish editing that person's Zelda story, because I feel bad making them wait. But yes.

I WILL FINISH THIS STORY. For the readers. If you're still out there.

Thank you so much for the continued support, all of you. Everything I do with this story anymore is just for you guys. ^^

Have a good evening. Hope you all had nice holidays!


  1. Whoa, hey, YOU'RE Sierra Winterbreeze! I've looked up to you for as long as I can remember playing KI games! I didn't know you had a blog until now, I feel so ignorant. >.< I was so inspired by you that I now have my P101 fan-fiction accepted! Thank you so much, and you have a new follower!


  2. You're back!! To an extent...
    Ha, you practically have the same problem I did a few years back: too many writings to work on and edit and work on some more... To relate to you, I'm also working on completely rewriting a piece, to emphasize more points and take out redundancies and things I repeated... a lot.
    I admit, a sequel would be awesome, and the contest did make me commit to something W101 related... But if you dont have time and procrastinate it for another six months, I have no complaint.
    YES!! All us readers are still out here!! Good luck with editing!

  3. SIERRA'S BACK!!! And yay, more in-depth on the Seeker world! I think it'd be really interesting to hear about how that all originated and learn more secrets about the Spiral and stuff. It all sounds really interesting and I'm really glad you care enough about TToSW to want to re-write it again.

    I also did a bad entry for the fan-art contest, if you ever host another one I'll redo it XD;;

    (Felt like I should say...)

  5. hey, Chase Stormbreeze here with a couple of comments regarding your story.
    1) You are an amazing writer, I was hooked from beginning to end. I think you should DEFINETLY (not sure if i spelled that right) make a sequel.*
    2)If you haven't edited already then you can send it to my email (*) and I will happily edit it for you. ~ Just some thoughts, Chase
    * Maybe a sequel in the new section (Celestia- Azteca)

  6. Hello Sierra, if that is your real name... I have a proposal for you. I will help you with editing for absolutely free* That is it nothing else. I want to edit part 15 of TToSW. So, after reading the asterisk below... Send it to my email
    Chase Stormbreeze
    *seriously you do such amazing work, I want to edit it with nothing in return

    1. That sounds fantastic! I just want to make a few minor adjustments myself really quick. Just some sections that I honestly hated so much that I never want anyone to ever see them again, hahaha.

      It's been a while since you posted your comment here (since I'm just TERRIBLE at getting back to people) so would you mind responding here so I can make sure you're still up to it? Or you can e-mail me at, if you'd prefer.

  7. Hi guys this is an anonymous person who's waiting for part 15 so.. Its been almost a year since the last post, I hope Sierra gets to ready this and doesn't give up on her writing. :)

    1. You have no idea how incredibly guilty this made me feel.

      You know what? Decision made. My goal is to have TToSW Part 15 out before or on Christmas!

      You are a truly amazing person for waiting this long, and it's for people like you that I intend to finish this. I'll work on it tonight and do my best to get it out like I said. I am dedicated now.