Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fan Work Contest!

...Well, okay then, Rowan.

Thanks for posting without telling me.

And mentioning this contest.

Because I wasn't going to mention it.

At least... not right away...

I mean, I kind of wanted to FINISH the series before that happened...

But... whatever...

Anyway! Sierra here (of course). It seems like, incredibly, some people might ACTUALLY enter the contest. Wow.

I've added a couple things to it that Rowan didn't mention, however. Not only can you draw fan art, but you can also write a fan fiction based on The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. In fact, you can do any kind of fan work. You can do a... fan video! Or... fan... comic? Fan song! ...I dunno. XD I really don't care what it is, as long as it includes The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze characters. ;) Haha, I had to add this because I understand that some of us (including me) are artistically challenged.

Thinking about this has made me recall previous fan works that I've received. Granted, there aren't many - until about a week ago I had no clue that I had ANY fan art - but there were some. Moonfire on Central wrote me an AWESOME fan story for my birthday in 2009. I'd kind of like to post it here... but first off, I don't have her permission, and second, I think this post is long enough as it is without a huge story here. :P

The other awesome fan work that I wanted to congratulate was Sarah SpiritHeart's picture of all the Seekers. OMG, I love you Sarah. That. Was. Amazing!!! Seriously... just ask Rowan. I was freaking out over how beautiful all of the Seekers were! They're EXACTLY how I imagined them to be! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


It was originally posted here on the main W101 website. Go to May 2010 at the bottom, and it's the 17th picture over on the top. XD

So... yeah. Thanks, Sarah. Like I said, you're fantastic. :) And, in case you're wondering, you can re-enter this picture if you really want to in the contest. XD

Here are the prizes again:

First place: Major Role in sequel (haha, sorry that you're going to have to wait forever for this to happen XD), meet Sierra and Rowan (and possibly other Seekers?) in-game, PvP

Second Place: Minor Role/Mention in sequel, meet Sierra and Rowan in-game, PvP

Third Place: Meet Sierra and Rowan in-game, PvP (and I might mention you too, because you're awesome enough to enter this contest :D)

ALL the entrants are going to be invited to a party at my Wizard101 house after the contest is over. It's going to be hard to me to choose just three... so I definitely felt like all entrants needed something special. If you're not chosen, it doesn't mean I don't love you - more than likely it means that I closed my eyes, picked an entry, and luck wasn't on your side. XD

Honestly though... I'm going to feel bad about picking winners. O_o

...I might change this around a little bit later. Just to let you know, nothing's set in stone yet.

This contest will end January 1st, 2012. ...I'm not sure if that's too soon, though. Is it? If it is, just let me know, and I'll extend it to February 1st. I just thought it was perfect, because January 4th is actually The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's third birthday! ...No, I'm not kidding! I've been writing for two years, haha. And, yes, I first wrote it on New Year's Eve... or something weird like that. And then I sent it to them a couple days later, after re-reading it a thousand times and wondering, "Is it too long? Will they like it? It's probably horrible... oh, no, this part sounds bad... Wait, what if they don't let me post multiple chapters? What if they think I'm really an orphan? I'm not really an orphan!" XD Ah, the things I used to worry about...
Now, here's the different ways you can submit your entry:
First of all, you can post some kind of link to it or something in the comments. (I don't know where you'd post it, but you figure that out... XD)
  • Easier than that (and much more preferable) is if you send it to me on Wizard101 Central somehow - though remember, NO outside links on that website, so you'd have to put the picture or whatever in your album, or copy and paste the story into a PM. For those who somehow still don't know, my Central username is Windlilly. You'd of coruse have to make an account for this... but having a Central account is TOTALLY worth it! I love Central! (Even if I only use it to talk about Zelda.)
  •  Another option is posting it on YouTube (or if you want, even sending me a link via YouTube). I check YouTube pretty much every day now. My YouTube username is TwilightWakerofTime.
  •  Speaking of TwilightWakerofTime, that's also my account, so... if you want to write a fanfic, you can post it on there and send it. ;)
  •  And, lastly, if none of the options are available for whatever reason, you can send me an e-mail at Unfortunately, this is just a new e-mail I made specifically for this blog and other people I want to contact, so I don't check it very often. Please only use this as a last resort.

As for Part 15... well... I've got an idea of when it will be out, but it's going to be a surprise. ;) I'm working on it, though. Promise!
Anyway, if I don't get here on Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL! Good luck in the contest!

(By the way... if there are any Zelda fans out there... please read my new Skyward Sword fanfic, Awakening! It's on my profile, where the link can be found on the right side of this screen.)