Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey Guys! Guess what? Sierra is lazy. Therefore I did artwork. It's ROWAN TIME~! 8D

Ohohohohoh! Oh yus! I bet all of you guys forgot about me. But I'm still here! ...I just forgot my password. *Facepalms*

Anywho, Sierra is lazy (*Cough* Like always *Cough*) so let's do some fanart for her to (Maybe) get her back up and working on her story! Now who's with me? ^3^

....................................*Cricket Chirp*...................

... Nobody? Only me? Screw you guys, I guess I'm doing fanart on my own. :P

Sierra LOVES fanart, so if you're an artist, who likes the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze, Do some fanart! Seriously, She'll love you forever and ever and ever!

Also, In other news related to Fanart, Sierra is debating whether to have a Fanart contest or not! The reason why she's against doing it is that she thinks that not enough people would enter and the prizes would be scarce. But if we had a fanart contest, it'd look like something like this.

First Place: A major roll in the Tale Of Sierra Winterbreeze sequel, meet Rowan and Sierra in game, and do PvP with them!

Second Place: Mention/Minor Character in the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze sequel, PvP with Sierra and Rowan, And meet Sierra and Rowan in game.

Third place: PvP with Sierra and Rowan, and Meet Sierra and Rowan in game.

Sucky prizes, I know. But hey, what can I say? It's not about the rewards, It's the thought that counts!

....Yeah, It's about the rewards.

If you want this contest, post here and state so! Sierra doesn't know what I'm posting here so be sneaky about it! ~(owo)~

Anywho, have an awesomefulistical day!

Wait. One last thing! I made a new poll, make sure you vote! Or else I will murderize you with my butter knife and chainsaw at night. Eh? What's that? You're voting? Great! *Puts butter knife and chainsaw away*