Monday, September 5, 2011

I leveled!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? I'm level 57 now!

I've been busy on Wizard101 this weekend. In fact, I completed Wysteria. Woo. It was fun, but... kind of boring. And very easy. I understand that it's supposed to be for, what, level 20? But still, it was pretty sad. Most of the time I was just walking around and talking to people - there were only a few major battles.

I mean, seriously, this guard told me to talk to his friend that was, like, five feet away from him. Five. Why can't HE do it?!

*sigh* Everyone just likes picking on poor Sierra WinterBreeze... (A.K.A. Young Wizard)

Okay, so there's bad news to. I... have no pictures. I mean, I do. But they're on the other computer. The other computer... that my sister is currently using. She says it's for homework, but unless her homework is watching anime on YouTube, I doubt that.

So! Yeah. I just felt like I should post. XD Next week (or earlier if I get the chance) I'll steal that computer from my sister and post pictures.

...Well, except... that computer won't publish my blog posts. It's. So. Stupid!!! I push "Publish Post" and nothing HAPPENS! O_o But whatever. I'll figure something out.

Ooh! I can have ONE thing for you that's different than a wall of text. This time it's... a video!

My friend Laura Raven wanted to start a "clan." I think we make music videos and stuff. :D Anyway, we're the Firegirls Clan. We have a TON of members already - Rowan WillowLeaf and Sydney JadeHammer are part of it. I took a picture of all of us in our epic matching outfits, but, of course, it's on the other computer...

But if you want to join, we'd be very happy. As long as you fit the requirements. :D (Must be a girl, level 30+, have the outfit, and have a mount.)

...Looking back at that video, it's kind of embarassing...

...Well, we tried. XD

EDIT: Ooh, by the way, I added a new chapter to The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on Can you guys go review it again? I only got four this time around! XD I was amazed the first time by ten reviews, which was waaaay better than my 8 reviews per chapter "Shards of Time" for The Legend of Zelda, but this time I only got four, putting TToSW at 7 reviews per chapter. So... yeah.