Monday, February 21, 2011



Go on Wizard101 right now, then, type in %?%, exactly like that, with no spaces or other words after it. And see what happens. XD

I just found that out about ten minutes ago. We were in my house... Destiny SeaGem (Duo of Death and writingnecromancer on Central), Sierra ThunderShade (123DivineDiviner456 on Central), Victoria MythCaller (...she has a Central account, but Idk what it is), and Taryn WildHeart (Balance past Seeker :D). Yep. Victoria taught it to us. :D

Also, you can say squijax through the filter. Anyone know what that means?

But... yeah. I fully intended to do quests tonight, but I never did. :( I'm pretty close to level 56, too! Besides... Wolf lied to me. He teleported to me randomly and demanded I duel him, because apparently I said when he was a lower level that I'd duel him once he got to Grandmaster. Now he's Legendary.

Just for the record, I don't recall this conversation. The way I remember it... HE refused to duel until he was Grandmaster, not me.

Anyway, he said I promised. Of course, he's Legendary, with Skeletal Dragon and everything, and I'm on level 55 in the weakest school. He's got full crafted clothing on, too! And block chances and critcals and boosts in his school... and so on. And NOW he wants to duel me, because he wouldn't when he was lower leveled...

Doesn't that sound like he's taking advantage of me?

Well, whatever. He promised that he'd help me with quests as soon as we were done with our duel. So I accepted. He pwned me, as we expected, and later claimed that I "fail" more than him. And then he started showing off to everyone that ported to him his amazing items and Massive Fantasy Palace and wouldn't help me with quests.

Gosh. WHY do I remain friends with him? This isn't the ONLY time he's done stuff like this... he lied to me about that SSB fan fiction too...


After that, Matthew WinterBreeze (yes his last name is the same as mine) said that we could start filming! Yep! He made videos on YouTube about ninjas on Wizard101. :D I'm going to be in it now as his sister (since we have the same last name) and Rowan was too. Therefore, I had to get an epic ninja costume!

Whenever the video gets on YouTube, I'll DEFINITELY show it to you guys. It should be awesome, considering how many times we had to redo it. You can blame Rowan. Matthew was supposed to teleport to her after she said "Help! My friend is in trouble!" (the friend being me about to be pushed off a cliff by the villain, Victoria) but... first Rowan had ports off, then HE had house ports off, then Rowan said in the middle of his filming "You made Sierra die!" XD We were joking about how since he didn't come, I got pushed off the cliff and died. :P

Then, later, we teleported to my epiclatastical Ice house where we found out the %?% thing! ...Btw, if you can't actually go on Wizard101 to do that, it shows up as "Help", lolz. It's REALLY weird - you have to try it if you can.

Then something REALLY weird happened to Taryn...

...Idk. But she was frozen like that, even walking around like it. XD

Okay... the reason I got off was... well, originally, my computer freaked out when I tried to run Central and Wizard101 at the same time and got all weird, forcing me to exit out of W101 without logging off... (I wonder how that will affect things?) But now I have a science lab conclusion thingy I gotta write. Technically I had some language arts stuff too... but... whatever. XD

So goodnight! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This blog looks different, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're not insane. Probably.


..."Makeover!" would have been the post title if I hadn't already used it on my Zelda blog. :(

Lol, anyway... yeah! New background, new color scheme, new header - everything (mostly)! This header officially marks the third header Sierra's Story has ever had. I kept that old one for a LOOONG time. And then before that was the pictures of all the Seekers that kinda failed, since I'd made it in MS Paint...

Sooo... new poll! It's sort of a tradition for me in my blogs to put up a poll every time I change my blog around a bit. So tell me how ya like it! After that, I think I should start putting up quiz-style polls again - such as, what's the best school of magic? Who's your favorite character in The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Yep. It was always interesting to see the answers.

Ooh... btw, I'm level 55! And I got an epic staff from some random quest! It's amazingly better than that Homonculus sword I took FOREVER farming for. It's pretty sad that I've found something better. I'm going to keep it around, since it was so hard to get.

Anyway, because you all care so much (I say that a lot, don't I? Sarcasm FTW!) here's a picture of my level 55 stats.

(Hmm... I guess my Reinforced Helmet and Master's Boots of the Dryad got in the way of my gold and training points, lol.)

Theeeen... since Mary and Wolf had helped me with quests... we randomly went to this Kraken head that you can walk through. Weird. (actually, I think this was BEFORE I was level 55, but whatever.)


Oh! If anyone wants to know about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Still dislike Part 15, but it's coming along slowly! Finally, I got to say the epic line I've been waiting to write since Part 11... but, ugh, now I don't know how to lead away from that point. It's not like my edited version where I can put that epic line and then leave it as a cliff-hanger - the characters have to react! Dangit! XD At least I got past epic fight scene #1. Now I just have one more to write - unfortunately, that's with Malistaire. I'm a little scared...

So... uh... yeah! That's pretty much all I have to say at the moment. I'm going on game right now. Oh, and now I have 52 followers - so again, thanks for following, people! :)

EXTREMELY RANDOM QUESTION: How do you spell make over? Is it two words, like in the previous sentence? Or does it have a dash in between in, like "make-over?" Or is it one word: "makeover?" I spelled it two different ways in this post, and I'm too lazy to look it up myself... so...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Over 50 followers! Yayes!

I have 51 followers! Thank you, people. This is awesome. I'm glad you find me somewhat entertaining, even if I don't post often. :)

...Yeah. That's pretty much all I have to say. I'm tired, so... I'm going to just leave this post at that. Sorry. I know that after almost a month with no word from me, you'd expect at least a LITTLE more than this, right? But it's all I've got!

Goodnight. Hope you had a good weekend.